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Stephen Bishop
"I wish I'd had Guitar Made Simple when I was learning how to play guitar. Chris Standring shows all you need to know about how to play great guitar in this package and he makes it fun and easy to do. There's much to learn from the program and it's a terrific journey into guitar playing from a pro!" - Stephen Bishop singer/songwriter

Corky James with Avril Lavigne
"Move over Mel Bay! 'Guitar Made Simple' is an extremely well thought out beginners program, with a very thorough and personal approach to help you easily learn how to play the guitar... correctly! So much more than trying to learn alone with just a book, this brilliant system connects with you as if an instructor is right with you in your own home. Well done Chris!" - Corky James LA studio guitarist with Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkson, Leann Rimes, Backstreet Boys, Liz Phair, Nick Lachey and Mandy Moore

Stuart Mathis
"Chris gave me his Guitar Made Simple CD ROM to check out and I was very impressed! Chris has found a way for players of any level to explore different styles of music. Thanks Chris, Stuart Mathis touring musician with Jewel, Wallflowers, Anna Nalic, LeAnn Rimes, Five for Fighting, Lifehouse, Chris Issac and others

Dino Soldo
"This CD ROM is a must for those who want a direct approach to the guitar. It has given me the confidence to tackle any type of guitar music. Simplicity, that's the key. I ask myself what I want to know, and it's there in the program. And it's easy to find too. Thanks Chris!" - Dino Soldo recording artist and Lionel Ritchie sax/keyboard player

Michael Clinco
"Chris Standring has assembled a beautiful and comprehensive method for the beginning guitarist. This 'how to' CD Rom includes audio and video examples that guide the student through a logical path to fretboard understanding. This is a one-of-a-kind tutorial that has no peers. It's truly an excellent way to start guitar studies. Highly recommended!" Michael Clinco - Film & TV composer

Mark Stefani
"Chris - You've really done a superb job with this course, especially the way you guide a newcomer with absolutely no experience or knowledge regarding the parts of the instrument, the way it's held, the basics of reading music, essential first position chords, playing songs, and so on. Congratulations!" - Mark Stefani, guitarist and educator

"Chris Standring's Guitar Made Simple is the perfect instructional tool for beginning guitar players or those who want to freshen up their skills. In addition to being easy to follow, Standring makes the course fun through song examples and through plenty of interactive videos. As a beginning guitar player myself, I find the CD-ROM the perfect companion to the guitar lessons I'm taking." Brian Soergel - syndicated writer

"The lesson on half-diminished and diminished alone is worth the purchase price. This was something I didn't understand and no one had been able to explain it to me. Thru Guitar Made Simple I now have a good basic understanding of where they come from and how to apply them. I have been using the techniques and they really do put a different flavor in the chord progressions. I do enjoy the monthly lessons also. Thanks very much for everything." Aloha, Mac Lanzas GMS student

"Chris, I'm really impressed with your course. It looks great! The video aspects are cool. I love you chatting with us -- makes it feel as though you're here taking me through this personally." - David Beeler, GMS student

"Chris, your courses are briefcase, not bookshelf material! Congratulations. They really represent what I had hoped to find in order to improve my guitar playing fundamentally." - Koen Vanpeteghem, GMS student

"Chris - Your guitar course on CD ROM is amazingly good. Having taken professional piano lessons for many years, I think this CD is the experience of having an actual music instructor sitting next to you. I love your teaching style, the layout of the CD and the fact that it moves you forward while essentially becoming customized by me to the way I need to learn guitar. This CD is a very healthy product!" - Tom Konkle, GMS student

"Chris, dude, You're Golden............ so far. I have completed a few sections and the video and audio clips rock. I like the way they are integrated into the text. In fact I have just started clicking on the video clips and then the text makes imediate sense. I am a novice at music, but a seasoned computer engineer and love/need the extended explanations.

I like that you explain sections and also include the guidance of about how much to focus on a given piece of the section. Example: when one is introduced to a peice to play you note that they should not worry about the melody at a given point. Also you add the section with the rhythm only. For the novice like myself it is very important that we have the option to separate those things, tune in a bit and then hear it in the more complete arrangement. It's pretty magical for me when I hear the parts separate and then feel I have this new ability to hear it when played together.

In summary having worked with many training software types I can say this one is excellent for the price. I am just getting started and will be keeping you posted on my assessment. Thanks for the Support. Raphael Warren GMS student

Chris, I started your course and I gotta tell you that I am very happy. I have once again started reading music because of this course and I am absolutely thrilled. Since I already knew a lot of chords I was able to move along through the first couple of chapters nicely - Juan Garcia GMS student

Hi Chris - Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the prompt service. I received the CD within two days of my order date (last week). Amazing service!! I fit in the category of knowing basic chords, scales, open & some barre chord progressions but don't do any of them very well ha! However, after a couple of practice sessions using the first strumming method you have on the CD, I sound very good at times, while using simple chord & barre progressions, it's a miracle!!!!!! One of my greatest challenges has been to maintain the correct rhythm through an entire song. It took me a while to get use to playing the pattern but once I was able to strum correctly it was like someone turned on a bright light. Of course, I don't do it perfectly every time but I'm sure as I use it more it will become second nature. To say I am very happy with the CD is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! Cheers, Tom Weir GMS student

"First of all let me congratulate you on this fine product you have produced. I feel that if you're an aspiring student that wants to learn guitar at any level from beginner to intermediate, even a semi-professional can pickup a few tricks of the trade from this masterpiece. Anyone interested in learning to play the guitar or reviewing what he or she knows would definitely benefit from this product." - Eddie Rivera GMS student

"Hi Chris thanks for the mail. I am really enjoying the course, I find the videos to be a fantastic help. I try to spend an hour a day on the course and I am seeing a steady improvement in my abilities. I have dipped into future sections just to see what is on offer and was amazed at how advanced the course goes. I hope that by the time I get to the advanced parts I shall be up to the task. It is truly an amazing course, thanks a ton, really worth a lot more than the asking price when you look at what you get. Thanks again for a wonderful course!" Steve Starr - GMS student

"Hey Chris, I picked up the guitar and zipped through to page 23 where you suggested a Choc milk shake. Great idea! Your course is well constructed for the beginner and intermediate player. I like the ease that I can just "arrow" over to the next segment of the lesson. There's no guess work, as to where I should begin. Also, the video clips make it very personal and show exactly what you're emphasizing. I can't wait to pick up my guitar again and go through the course. Thanks for putting your course together. My biggest audience right now is my wife and playing for the kids at Vine Street elementary." Best, Vince Brocato GMS student

"Hi Chris, Well, I really love it. I think it is an incredible deal--really. After playing for 30 or so years I find that I'm advanced in some areas and quite weak in other areas. "Guitar Made Simple" allows me to expand my playing in a more balanced way. Nothing I can think of for improvements. In addtion to GMS, I really dig the newsletters. I look forward to every e-mail. Keep them coming and keep playing--and recording. Many thanks", Robert Campbell GMS student

"Chris - your Guitar Made Simple has become, during last weeks, a great contribution for consolidating and improving my guitar life. If this course was available 25 year ago, probably my professional career and life would be different from the one I made... Many thanks to you. Your course is well organized and touches the most relevant issues that I was missing." - António D. Abreu GMS student

"Hello Chris! I have purchased both of your courses. First I purchased PWYH 2.2, and then I purchased Guitar Made Simple. Both of these courses are fantastic. I have been playing for over twenty five years and had many gaps in my playing. What a break through. In the past I purchased numerous books, video tapes,and cd's but nothing came close. You have the real deal. Thanks Chris, my guitar playing has greatly improved and I am now playing with a new found vigor and authority. I am free at last. Most Sincerely" Tony Means GMS/PWYH student

"Hi Chris, GMS is amazing . I played guitar 30 years ago , restarted 5 years ago and already used your PWYH course. My 'missing links' were solved with GMS. Thanks and regards" Willem Verlinden GMS student.

"I have purchased MANY guitar CD's & DVD's for home study. Some good and some not so good, at all. By far yours has been the easiest and most complete to follow." - Mark Puccinelli GMS student

"Hi Chris, You "Guitar Made Simple" course is excellent. The CD ROM is very professional. The content is comprehensive and well organized. In comparison to my private teacher, who can directly correct my technical mistakes, your course has many advantages including repetition, comprehensive well organized content, which is readily findable with the CD ROM index & format. Great job!" - Kevin Mansmann GMS student

"Hey Chris, I really enjoyed going through the course! It is well written, very professional and easy to follow. The video segments are well done and the inset close up of the fretboard fingering is excellent! I also enjoyed your commentary and insights throughout the course. Rock On!!" - Dennis Harmuth GMS student

"Chris - yours is the first course I have seen that went over reading music in a way that was easy to understand. It made no sense to me before, but after covering your material, it suddenly all became incredibly clearer. Also, yours is the first course where I have seen the music broken down and separated.. To be able to play along with either the lead or the rhythm parts is absolutely brilliant! This made practicing much more enjoyable, and very easy to assess my progress. I am looking forward to the rest of your course." - Paul Shakin GMS student

"Hi Chris, I have been using these courses since I got them and I tell ya what they are great! It has really progressed my skills from where they were beforehand. Being a guitarist who has taught themselves everything from day one this is a great way to get that helping hand without spending thousands of dollars on outside help. I have even started getting my brother and my girlfriend into guitar and with this course it has helped me to help them iron out the edges." - Scott Benness GMS and PWYH student

"Hi Chris, I have started using your course and I am finding the lessons very helpful and simple to follow. It is very well structured and each lesson is just the right size to keep you interested without giving you too much to do for each session. I have not been playing long, so I am finding all the information very helpful. The videos are one of my favorites. I have tried other courses and many books. This is by far the best instructional material I have found. Thank you very much." - Wayne Thomley GMS student

"Hi Chris, Thanks - I've received the guitar made simple course and it is excellent! I've bought numerous books and none of those is so explanatory and close to having a real life tutor than this CD. It really is magnificent! The best feature for me is when I lose focus or faith in my ability to learn - there is a video clip that shows the techniques step by step and these have proven to be very good motivators for me to keep going. Regards." - Suzette Van Rensburg GMS student

"Hi Chris: as I have stated I am a beginner, but it has been refreshing to know that I have learned a great deal more from your program. I have at least 5 others, but yours has given me an understanding that none of the others have. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! I promise I shall stay with it , because I feel as well as hear myself getting better. Sincerely" W.Terry Jones GMS student

"Hi Chris - - Thanks for the excellent training CDs and inspirational newsletter. This is really valuable, helpful information and now easy to access when I have some guitar time. Thanks, for making so many aspects of guitar skills clearly come into focus. I could have used all of this information about 20 years ago." - Robert GMS student

"Chris, First let me say that your music was a big influence and motivator for me to try and learn the guitar again. I'm 44 years old and finally decided to get serious about learning how to play. I tried picking it up in the past but found most of the courses to be very confusing, and quite frankly I would give up. I started with "Guitar Made Simple", about three weeks ago, but have enjoyed browsing " Play What You Hear" to keep me motivated and practicing. I find the format very easy to use and for the first time I'm really sticking to this. I am amazed at how much I have learned in such a short time. As a matter of fact my wife walked into the room the other day while I was practicing and she was amazed that what I was playing actually sounded like music! All in all I am extremely pleased with the results. I truly believe this is the best value in guitar lessons on the market. Thanks for a not only a great product but all of the great music you have been putting out all these years. Sincerely, Geff Lynch - GMS/PWYH student