Chris Standring presents a series of free jazz guitar lessons from beginner to advanced. Chris talks about the major modes, all individual chord forms including major 7th, minor sixth, major 6th. He discusses the melodic minor modes, building melodic vocabulary and much more.

As an educational writer, Chris Standring has written a number of books as well as many articles on the subject of jazz guitar instruction. Here Chris presents a series of jazz guitar articles geared to the jazz guitar student. Subjects include the art of practicing, how to get a great jazz guitar sound, developing good metronomic time, how to hear harmony, as well as many motivational articles to inspire the student to continue with fire and enthusiasm.

Chris has written four substantial instructional programs featuring his groundbreaking jazz guitar lessons. His beginners program Guitar Made Simple, his flagship "Play What You Hear" and a jazz guitar video masterclass series for intermediate players.

You can find a growing library of jazz guitar transcriptions on Chris Standring's website. All transcribed and printed in high rez pdf, you can download solos from Pat Metheny, Grant Green, Adam Rogers, Pat Martino and many more.

Read exclusive jazz guitar interviews with jazz guitarists Ben Monder, Henry Johnson, Mike Stern, Pat Martino, Steve Khan and Tim Miller at