Frequently asked questions

Here is a selection of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed here, feel free to send me an email, I will be happy to respond.

What does the "Guitar Made Simple" course include?
For a thorough synopsis of the course read my letter to the right of this menu =>

How does this course differ from other courses?
Every author has their own take on how music education should be presented. Very often the outcome for the student is the same, but as individuals, we all have different experiences learning music. So as authors, we all have our own take on how we feel music is best learned. I personally have had a ton of practical professional experience, in a way most authors do not. Most authors are imparting their knowledge from an academic standpoint. Whilst this is valid and good, as someone who plays all the time, I am interested to know how a student (or musician at any level) can absorb knowledge in the quickest most effective way. For years I studied books, listened to teachers and so on. Once I absorbed the information, many many times I said to myself "Now if it was explained like THIS, then perhaps I could have grasped the concept quicker". Articulation is the key. That, and a methodical organized method that can be studied in a step-by-step fashion is what interests me. If I was to go back and learn music again, my course is what I would want to study from to get to where I am now. Not anyone elses. So, how does my course differ from anyone elses? It's my method. It's not a magic pill. No course is. But it's put together from the standpoint of a musician who needs to know how to absorb, understand and play the music in a practical way. It's about how to get the notes and information off the paper and into you, the musician. That's the difference.

How good do I have to be in order to start this course?

The course is designed for two types of players;

a) The absolute beginner or relative beginner.
b) The guitar player who has been playing for some time but feels he or she needs to go back and cover ground that is not fully understood.

I can't read music, is there any TAB included?
Yes there is TAB throughout. The course is presented using written music notation AND TAB for every music example.

Are their audio examples so I can hear what I am supposed to practice?
Yes, there is an audio example for every single notated example, (played by Chris Standring himself) along with play along tracks so you can practice the examples with a rhythm section. The course is littered with photos, audio, video and charts to help you fully understand each topic at hand.

How long will it take me to complete the course?
The answer to this question is relative to each student. An absolute beginner could quite feasibly have 10 years worth of information at hand as each subject needs to be practiced and studied in great depth.

Is the course formatted to play on both MAC & PC?
Yes, the course is presented in HTML and is much like a website with images, video and audio. It is read offline from your internet browser. Both MAC and PC operating systems can read this program with no problem.

Is the course printable?
Yes, there are three supplemental .pdf files included so you can print out the entire course and practice away from the computer.

How is the course delivered?
The course is delivered to you on a CD ROM where all the files, audio, video, printable files and bonus products reside.

Can I download the program?
No, the program is too big to download. The CD ROM is much more effective for this course and unlike online courses, you will never be at the mercy of servers and their potential errors.

How is the audio delivered?
The audio and video (play along files and music examples) uses flash technology for super fast streaming. 99% of computers now come equipped with the flash plugin so you probably have it. If not it is a simple free download.

What are my operating system requirements?
The program is designed to work for both Windows and MAC operating systems. Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, Netscape, Safari or any internet browser reads the computer version. Adobe acrobat reader (a free download) reads the pdf printable version and the Flash plugin for the default audio (a free download).

Is the course refundable?

Yes, if you are not satisfied at anytime you will be 100% refunded.

Can I order online?
Yes to order online click here You can pay online using your credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Am Ex/Discover) and our server is 100% secure.

What other ways can I pay?
You can pay through paypal, simply step through the credit card ordering process and check the paypal box. You can also pay by check or international money order (if you reside outside the USA). Simply fill out this form and send with your payment.